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House Targaryen

Motto: "Fire and Blood"
Land: The Six Kingdoms of Westeros
Seat: King's Landing
Colors: Red and Black

House Targaryen is the sole house in Westeros not to claim descent from the Andals or the First Men. The Targaryens hail from Valyria, on the eastern continent. They relocated to Dragonstone, an island on the far eastern coast of Westeros. When the Doom of Valyria came and destroyed their homeland, the Targaryens were safely in Dragonstone.  House Targaryen is the sole family to ever possess dragons.

Aegon I, known also as Aegon the Conqueror, united all Westeros (except Dorne) with the help of his dragons. The Targaryens did not have many men. But no one had fought dragons before, and castles which could hold so well against arrows and trebuchets were no match for creatures that could fly above and rain down dragonfire on all who refused to yield.

In appearance, the Targaryens are very striking. They are legendary for their exceptional beauty, said to come from their Valeryian blood. They have fine silver hair, and eyes of deep violet. No other people in the land exhibit either of these remarkable traits. Many a heart has fallen in vain for an alluring young Targaryen man or women.

House Targaryen has a tradition of marrying brother to sister, like the old Valeryian rulers in the east. This preserves the purity of their blood. In Westeros, it is frowned upon for any but Targaryens to marry in this fashion – it is their right as kings, but is taboo for others.

It is said that when a Targaryen is born, the gods flip a coin. He will either be great, or mad. Westeros has had its share of both. Aemon the Dragonknight is known throughout the land to be the most valiant knight that ever lived, sacrificing himself at the prime of his life for his brother. Maegor the Cruel was an especially brutal king. He put bounties on the heads of the faithful, and executed all of the builders of his keep so that only he would know their secrets. Good Queen Alysanne is remembered for her great charity, and taking a personal interest in the protection of the land. Of the current living Targaryens, it isn’t yet clear what side of the coin any of them were born on. But surely among them, one of them would make a great king – and one a mad one.


targaryen crest